“The Wadadli pen competition gave me the opportunity to use my words and in so doing build my confidence, eliminated my fears, it gave me a voice and a whole new meaning to life.”

And peep this site review from a fellow blogger:
“My research for a book to read set in and written by an author from Antigua and Barbuda was hugely simplified by the wonderful blog maintained by Joanne C. Hillhouse (wadadlipen.wordpress.com). Its a huge archive of anything literary that is Antiguan and Barbudan trying to capture every book written in every genre by an Antiguan and Barbudan author or an author having roots here along with every reference to a work from such an author, a list of awards won plus book reviews! The sheer volume of information here is highly useful and the effort is commendable.”

Thank you!
We hustle hard for Antiguan and Barbudan arts here at Wadadli Pen
Arwe yah! (we are here!)

Courtesy Sweet Dreams, a cake to help us celebrate our 10th anniversary.

Courtesy Sweet Dreams, a cake to help us celebrate our 10th anniversary.

The Wadadli Youth Pen Prize is a programme designed to nurture and showcase the literary arts among young Antiguans and Barbudans (we dabble in the visual arts as well, and really have and show love for all creative endeavours). The programme launched in 2004. Its flagship project is an annual writing (and sometimes, art) Challenge. This site also serves as an unofficial portal to the literary and creative arts in Antigua and Barbuda. Welcome! Dig around to learn more about us and the arts in Antigua and Barbuda, and beyond. We encourage you to subscribe to or follow the site to keep up with updates; be sure to comment and participate; and if you need to contact us directly, do so via wadadlipen@yahoo.com Thank you.

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