Best of Books launches Wadadli Pen open mic

The Best of Books in association with the organisers of the Wadadli Pen Prize competition announces the start of a monthly Wadadli Pen Open-Mic activity at its Royal Palm location in Antigua and Barbuda. The objective of the activity is to give writers an opportunity to share portions of their work in a relaxed atmosphere where constructive feedback can be obtained.
Although there have been a number of successful Open-Mic activities organised by lovers of the literary arts much of this has concentrated on the delivery of poetry. Manager of Best of Books and one of the organisers of this activity, Barbara Arrindell, says that writers will be encouraged to share their creative short stories with the emphasis in the first three months being placed on humour. The topic for the first session is “Only in Antigua”
According to Arrindell, writers are encouraged to seek out the humour in some of the more current topical happenings in Antigua and Barbuda and present their short story, essay, monolog, two person act or poem using not more than three minutes on Saturday 8th May at 7:30 pm at Royal Palm Place.
Writers are required to pre-register, submitting a four line biography that will be read before they present their writing.
In addition to the actual readings, the organisers will be seeking to have talented writers form teams. By sharing ones work with a small team before presenting to a larger audience there is an opportunity to strengthen ones writing before it is presented.
The Wadadli Pen Open-Mic will also host workshops to assist writers in the art of re-writing their own work and sessions that will focus on the art of story telling and public speaking.
More information can be obtained by sending an email to

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