Who won in 2006?

2006 winners - front from left V. Benta and R. Richards; back from left A. O'Donoghue, R. Adams, B. Rose

*In addition to prizes mentioned, all winners receive a certificate from the YE WYPP team and t-shirts with the competition logo  from Sharon Embroidery. Also, as of this year, Best of Books undertook to purchase a Challenge Trophy and each year engrave unto it the name of the winner (retroactive to the first year).

Under-12 Honourable Mention:

Chatrisse Beazer, 11, Irene B. Williams School; story ‘The Rescue’.

Prize Package:

  • EC$120 – from monies contributed (2005) by Daily Observer
  • Gift (School bag and mini-radio) – OK Johnny

Honourable Mention – General:

Kemal Osmel Nicholson, 17, Antigua State College (formerly St. Joseph’s Academy); ‘Ma Belle’from his ‘Bayside Tales’.

Prize Package:

  • EC $120 – from monies raised during Word Up! fundraiser
  • Book – Going Home and other Tales from Guyana (Deryck M. Bernard) – Macmillan Caribbean
  • EC $50 gift certificate – Subway

Verdanci Benta, 13, Antigua Girls High School; ‘The Village Obeah Woman’.

Prize Package:

  • EC $125 – from monies contributed by D. Gisele Isaac
  • Book – The Annihilation of Fish and Other Stories (Anthony Winkler) – Macmillan Caribbean
  • EC $75 Gift certificate for school supplies – Sight Sound and Time


Blair A. Rose, 13, Antigua Girls High School; ‘The Day I became a Man’.

Prize Package:

  • EC $120 – from monies contributed (2005) by Daily Observer
  • Book – Such as I have (Garfield Ellis) – Macmillan Caribbean
  • Gift certificate – The Source

Third Placed Writer:

Rosalie Amelia Richards, 12, Christ the King High School; ‘The Creation’.

Prize Package:

  • EC $150 – from monies contributed by Dawn Gibson
  • EC $200 account certificate – Community First
  • Kid’s Fragrance – Flo’s Perfume+
  • Watch set – Colombian Emeralds
  • Book – Ginger Lily (Margaret Knight) – Macmillan Caribbean
  • HERO – Teddy Bear
  • Gift certificate – The Cushion Club
  • Free copies of Young Explorer with winning story for entire class – Young Explorer

Second Placed Writer:

Rilys Adams, 16, Antigua Girls High School; ‘Unheard’.

Prize Package:

  • Barbuda Tour x 2 – Barbuda Express & Nedd Tours
  • EC $200 – from monies contributed by Dawn Gibson
  • Discman  – Hitachi Centre
  • Mini-computer speakers – Electronic World
  • EC $300 gift voucher – King Progress Music Shop
  • CD – ‘Ab-soul-uuutely Dotsie’ – Dotsie Isaac Gellizeau
  • Journal – Spirit of Nature
  • Book – There’s No Place Like (Tessa McWatt) – Macmillan Caribbean
  • Gift (Teen Fragrance) – Flo’s Perfume+
  • Book – Becoming the Professional You – Guidance and Learning Centre


Ayoka [Angelica] O’Donoghue, 17, Antigua State College (formerly Princess Margaret School); ‘Road Trip to Paradise’.

Prize Package:

  • Name engraved on challenge plaque – Best of Books/Made in Antigua
  • EC $600 travel voucher – BWIA
  • EC $500 – Caribbean Union Bank
  • Computer Course valued at EC $300 – Computer Reset
  • Printer – Illuminat & printer dustcover
  • Six months free Internet time – Cable and Wireless
  • Pen Set (valued at over EC $200) – Stephen B. Shoul
  • Watch set – Colombian Emeralds
  • Computer desk and chair – Courts
  • Books – Butler, till the final bell (Michael Anthony) + The Hummingbird Tree (Ian McDonald) – Macmillan Caribbean

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