A Scary Night by Chatrisse Beazer

[2005 Young Explorer Wadadli Youth Pen Prize Honourable Mention – Under 12 Category]

As I got ready to go to bed, I kissed everybody goodnight and went upstairs. I stepped into my bedroom. It looked very dark and the owls were hooting mournfully. My bed was cold. I felt scared.

“It feels spooky,” I said to myself with a shudder.

I went into the cupboard to get a flashlight to defend myself against anyone who could possibly come into my room. I pushed my head under the pillow and clutched the flashlight tightly.

A few minutes went by. Then, was it my ears deceiving me or did I hear howling? I listened carefully. I did hear it. And it was in my own bedroom!!! I peered from under the pillow cautiously. My heart was beating so hard I could feel it coming up my neck. I saw two white things that looked like ghosts. I screamed,


Then one of them came near the bed. I took up the flashlight to hit it on its head. I expected my flashlight to hit empty space, but it landed hard on its head. I realized that it was a person and not a ghost! I got very angry and pulled the sheet off their heads. It was my very own brother and sister.

“How dare you!” I shouted.

They laughed.

“How dare you!” I screamed.

“We did it to scare you,” John said.

“Both of you are just disgusting!” I shouted.

“Scaredy cat! Scaredy cat!” Amy jeered.

I stormed downstairs and told my Mom and she called then down and said,

“No television, no friends over for the week, no computer. Oh, and you will go to bed early, at seven-thirty, before Chatrisse.”

As we went upstairs I taunted them,

“Early birds, early birds!”

“Chatrisse!” my mother called from downstairs.

I sped into my bedroom and slept peacefully.





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