The Rescue by Chatrisse Beazer

[2006 Under 12 Honourable Mention]

“Let’s go!” Auntie Sheila called.

“I can’t wait,” Kayla said.

All of us, my aunts and their husbands, all my cousins and my family and me, were in Barbados for a family reunion. We drove in three separate vehicles on our way to the beach to enjoy a lovely day together.

The cloudless sky was clear and blue, the sun beamed down brightly, and the water was warm and blue.

All of the children were having fun in the water playing ‘throw to throw’. James, 16-years-old, threw the ball high into the air to eight year old Taylor but it landed far beyond his reach. Just then Auntie Isabelle called us to eat and everyone ran out of the water.

“Boy, am I hungry,” said James.

We all agreed and forgot all about the ball. While we were walking I noticed that Kayla, a very adventurous five year old, was not with the group, so I asked, “Where is Kayla?” No one answered, so I turned around and scanned the water. I did not see anything at first, then I saw a head pop up to grab the ball and went back under. I was sure it was Kayla.

Kayla’s head came back to the surface and she screamed,

“Help! Help! Help me!” I dived into the water and swam out to her. I put her arms around my neck and told her “Hold on tight.”

I swam to shore and carried her to her mother. In Auntie Shanna’s arms, Kayla whispered, “Thank you.” I kissed her on the cheek and said “You’re most welcome.”

All my family members hugged and kissed me and called me their hero. My Daddy and Mummy told me that they were very proud of me. I will never forget that experience as long as I live.



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