Wake them, let them rise and shine

This year’s Independence Literary Arts competition has as its theme ‘Wake them, let them rise and shine’. There’s a new element added to the fiction, poetry, and non fiction writing usually featured in the competition, a spoken word competition.

Spoken Word Artists will have to pre-register at the Best of Books – either St. Mary’s Street or Royal Palm Place on or before October 7th.

The competition takes place on October 9th at the Wadadli Pen Open Mic – held the second Saturday of every month at BoB Royal Palm at 7:30 p.m.

In the 18 and over group there will be two categories:  

(1)  A prepared presentation – this should be not less than 60 seconds and not more than 150 seconds.

(2)  Impromptu presentation – speakers will select a word from a bag and will be required to speak for one minute on the topic selected.

Individuals can pre-register to participate in both categories but can have only one entry in each category.

 A short training session will be conducted at 7 pm on Saturday 11th September, prior to the commencement of the September Wadadli Pen Open Mic.

Note: A competition will also be held for secondary school students. Each school will be asked to identify a representative for each of the two above mentioned categories.

For more info contact literaryantigua@yahoo.com


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