First Issue of Anansesem Hits the Market

This youth-centric publication is a truly Caribbean production, started by a Trini, it’s attracted editors and writers from all over the region. The first issue debuted this September.

(From the editor’s pen)…”And what will you find in this first issue of Anansesem?

Bajan teenager and young aspiring poet, Che Blackman, graces us with his poetry, in which the voices of Caribbean youth ring through loud and clear. We are happy to present an exhibition of Annalee Davis’ original artwork from the Caribbean children’s book Diego Dish and Carlotta Spoon. It is also with great pleasure that we feature poems by the likes of Carol-Ann Hoyte and Maggie Harris, veteran that she is the the production of truly delightful Caribbean children’s poetry. The short stories written by adults in this issue are varied and ambitious, and it is our dearest hope that parents will read them with their children and also download and use the pdf. version of the issue when it becomes available. There are some longer stories targeted at older children, like Jan Bester’s Mama and Me on Montserrat stories which are sure to strike a chord with those of us who remember the eruption of the volcano and understand the troubled history of this special island. The multi-talented Jan Bester also gives us the gift of her poignant illustrations to accompany and complete the stories. Anansesem Editors Anouska Kock and myself weigh in with insights into children’s literature in Aruba and a review of Mario Picayo’s picture book A Caribbean Journey from A to Y (Read and Discover What Happened to the Z.) Finally, we also welcome children’s writer Jim Wasserman, our ‘Guest from around the World.'”

Read the entire issue at

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