Cushion Club and Buckley’s Primary: bridging the distance

The Cushion Club and Buckley’s Primary are miles apart but a commitment to the development of our young people keeps bringing them together. This release from the Cushion Club tells about the latest Buckley’s recipients of the Cushion Club prize.

Shonte Smith


Andrew Forbes


This is  the listing of winners to date:

2005-2006 Term One Alicia Henry
2005-2006 Term Two Showmein Lewis
2005-2006 Term Three Showmein Lewis
2005-2006 End of Year Showmein Lewis
2006-2007 Term One Jenica Williams
2006-2007 Term Two Lashoye Wayne
2007-2008 Term Three Coleen Berridge
2007-2008 Term Three Anna Kay Chowers (prize for Most Improved donated by Janet Henry from Best of Books)
2009   Shenel Francis
2010   Andrew Forbes
2010   Shonte Smith

And this link will take you the Cushion Club page on this site.

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