Are You (or someone you know) a ‘Drama Queen’?

STAGE ONE might be the troupe for you

The youth drama collective is back and on the heels of its Snow White pantomime is readying a Black History Month production.

Per my interview with Kanika Simpson-Davis and subsequent Daily Observer (Antigua) article… they’ll next hit the stage for Black History Month with a revival of How the Anancy Stories Got Their Name.

The group is feeling bolstered by the acclaim following (its) staging of Snow White at the House of Culture. ‘They’ve had so much positive feedback from performing that they’re much more confident and I really want to build on that strength,’ Simpson-Davis told the Daily Observer.  ‘I want to keep the young people involved in both the acting and in appreciation of the themes.’

Snow White and the Eleven Dwarfs (came) roughly three years after STAGE ONE’S last production, a pantomime based on the Cinderella story. 

image from the Cinderella rehearsal - from left fairy godmother, Cinderella and the Prince.

This is the first outing for her new group, the original players having mostly grown up by now; this new cast is made up primarily of students from Island Academy where she teaches. But she’s hoping to expand it, if she can work out the logistics of working with students from different schools. Interested parties can email her at

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