Spotlight – Floree Williams

Floree Williams is a twentysomething young Antiguan writer who penned her first book, a childhood-cum-adolescent memoir while still studying in Canada. The book was well received when it hit the market

Floree, right, at her first book signing outside the Best of Books.

and quickly earned a second printing. I liked the book and wrote in a local review: ” It’s made up of little, seemingly innocuous moments; rendered with affection and nostalgia though they’re not that far in the rear view. Crab hunting with daddy, chasing down a dog that doesn’t want to play, learning to form letters on the first unsettling day at a new school, moving house, welcoming a new baby home, ring games in the school yard; these are the moments of childhood and Williams writes them with a soft touch, and enough detail to make them feel real – moreso because it’s the kind of detail a child remembers.”

Her second book, Through the Window,  just from the excerpt I read at the launch in November 2010, seems a more grown up affair, one that’s resounded with readers: “For one thing, I only came up for air two times to get a glass of water. I was captivated and held for the entire read. The storyline was good, albeit one that is not uncommon, however the characters and the way they unfolded during the telling of the story was indeed interesting.” (Amazon customer review)  


the author

A good turnout

Marcella Andre, mistress of ceremonies

a love story come to life

S. George, former Carnival Queen, reading an excerpt from the book at the launch

Your in-house blogger, JCH, reading an excerpt from Through the Window at the launch

signing copies


Williams’ first fictional work come on the heels of Souls of My Young Sisters, which included an essay by Williams and by another young Antiguan writer, the late Nerissa Percival. Clearly, this is a young writer whose literary career continues to gain momentum. Cheers!

Floree, third row, right, with the Cushion Club after the release of Pink Teacups and Blue Dresses.


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