Tell me a story…

…that’s the theme for the next Wadadli Pen Open Mic. As usual it’ll be the second Saturday of the coming month (the month of March), 7 p.m. at Best of Books, Friars Hill Road (Antigua).

The Saturday 12th February 2011 Open Mic was eventful. Lots of last minute readings at final call (“just one more, just one more”); a couple of songs from regular, Artist; a mini-play (i.e. scenes from the AIDS themed play ‘Dreams Faces Reality’ written by Barbara Arrindell and initially staged a few years ago) also performed b regulars; several new faces; a health emergency that put everything on pause but worked out okay in the end…and more poetry. I’ve notice that it’s primarily poetry at open mic…need some short story writers in the mix…

I took the opportunity, as promised, to promote the 2011 Wadadli Pen challenge, fielding questions, laying out the guidelines and ecouraging people to enter. It looks promising.

I’m psyched about this year’s competition, looking forward to see what people come up with. Glen (the host of Open Mic) gave them a prompt with next month’s open mic theme – in the spirit of the children’s literature focus of this year’s challenge – ‘Tell Me A Story’.

Mark your calendars, and get writing.

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