Spotlight – Jamaica Kincaid

Jamaica Kincaid is Antigua and Barbuda’s best known and most prolific author. She was born Elaine Potter Richardson

Kincaid reading from a small place in Antigua in 2005

in Antigua in 1949 and changed her name in 1973. Her published works include At the Bottom of the River, Annie John, Lucy, A Small Place, The Autobiography of My Mother, My Brother, My Garden, Talk Stories, Mr. Potter, and Among Flowers: A Walk in the Himalayas. Kincaid lives in Vermont, USA.

Kincaid, right, signs books after a joint reading with young Antiguan writer, AJ, at the first Antigua and Barbuda International Literary Festival (2006)

She moved to U.S. as a teen in the 1960s and in time worked her way up from fact checker at Forbes magazine to staff writer at New Yorker magazine. She’s taught creative writing at Harvard University and is, at this writing, professor of literature at Claremont McKenna College.

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