The 2011 challenge is to create engaging children’s literature; i.e. the kind of story or poem a parent might read to a child or a young reader would pick up and read on his or her own. This can be stories with children as characters and/or the kinds of adventures and/or fantasies that might appeal to younger readers.

The word limit is 600 per entry.

Entries can be fiction, non fiction, or poetry.

They can be in any style or genre (fantasy, sci fi, drama, comedy etc.) but must be targeted at the children’s market and must have a Caribbean sensibility. (see Wadadli Pen Writing Tips for more on this).

Entries must be original and previously unpublished.

Any legal resident or citizen of Antigua and Barbuda may enter, provided he/she is 35 years or younger. Contingent on the quality of the entries, winners will be selected in the 12 and under

Last year's under 12 winner...T Benjamin accepting her prizes from Museum curator Michelle Henry (thanks, Michelle, for always being a gracious friend to Wadadli Pen)

, 13 to 17, and 18 to 35 age categories, with three overall best writers being selected as well – these may come from any of the age categories. The winner with the overall number one spot is the winner whose name will be added to the Challenge plaque sponsored by the Best of Books.

All winners will receive prizes submitted by various sponsors and divided at the discretion of the organizer. For the full list of 2011 sponsors, see here.

Each writer is allowed up to three entries.

Entries must be submitted electronically, in Microsoft Word format, to  (either as an attachment or copied into the body of the email).

Subject line should read ‘BEST OF BOOKS WADADLI PEN CHALLENGE 2011 submission (plus the main author’s initials)– for example, if I were submitting, it would read: BEST OF BOOKS WADADLI PEN CHALLENGE 2011 JCH – attachments without the appropriate subject line will not be opened

Joint submissions are acceptable but all names must be listed and winners will have to divide the prizes among themselves (there will not be duplicates of prizes).

Entrants are allowed to submit illustrations either by the writer or someone else (not within the text but separately as jpeg files) with stories; these will not weigh in the judging of the story but, if selected, can help enhance the presentation. If you do submit art, be sure to include the name of the artist so that he/she can be credited if the story is selected. In allotting prizes, however, this will be treated as a joint submission with the prizes presented to the main writer (to be divided at his/her discretion with his/her partners)

Antiguans and Barbudans not resident on the island may also enter provided they can designate a resident Antiguan and Barbudan to collect their winnings; prizes will not be shipped overseas.

The 2011 submission deadline is March 31st 2011. Winners will be announced (and rewarded) in June 2011 at the Best of Books 10th anniversary celebrations. In the interim, judges will deliberate and work with the short listed writers on editing the top submissions, readying them for publication.

Include (on a separate page) your name, age, gender, school (if any), email, phone, address and, if below age 18, the name of your parent/guardian and contact number; if 18 and over, include place of employ or institution of study.

Be sure to name your story/poem.

Submit a short bio – no more than five lines.

Submit as well, a short story summary (optional) – no more than five lines. This is not a blow by blow account of the story but a synopsis which should include the central theme, main characters, and plot synopsis: in other words what’s the story about?


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