Press Release 3 – Artists invited to register to create illustrations, new sponsors on board

issued 10/03/11

Young artists will also have a chance to win in this year’s Wadadli Pen. Organizers are reporting that visual artists, 35 years and younger, can now register via for the opportunity to create illustrations for shortlisted stories in the Best of Books Wadadli Pen Challenge 2011. Art teachers are also encouraged to register their students.

“We see the programme as being developmental,” explained Wadadli Pen founder and coordinator, author Joanne C. Hillhouse. “More than a competition, it’s an opportunity for writers and artists to grow.”
Literary arts submissions have started to come in ahead of the March 31st deadline, in response to this year’s children’s literature challenge. After the deadline, Hillhouse explained the judges will go to work, short listing the best of the entries and making editorial suggestions; the short listed stories will be returned to the writers for review and resubmission. This is not unlike the process of submitting to literary journals, internationally, or working with a book editor when readying a book for publication and as the works are to be posted at and elsewhere, Hillhouse explained, “We want to work with the authors on making the writing as strong as it can be. We’re giving the writers an opportunity to bridge the gap between inspiration and craft.” She makes clear though that no changes will published without the writers’ consent.

During the redrafting and resubmission phase, excerpts of the short listed stories will go out to artists who have registered as indicated or to art teachers who have registered their classes. In the tradition of story and book illustrators everywhere, the registered artists will create art which, if selected, will be posted with the winning entries. Art guidelines will be prepared and circulated, as well as posted to the Wadadli Pen site in due course; registered artists will also receive these guidelines directly when they are issued the story excerpts for inspiration.

Hillhouse and the 2011 Wadadli Pen team – which also includes Barbara Arrindell of Best of Books, literary arts judges Dotsie Isaac Gellizeau and Brenda Lee Browne, and visual arts coordinator/chief judge Renee Phillip – are in the process of soliciting additional sponsorship for the competition. Prizes will go to visual artists and writers 12 and under, 13 to 17, and 18 to 35.

Newest sponsor is Edison Liburd of Edison Arts, located upstairs the Best of Books’ St. Mary’s street branch, who is contributing tutorials with winning artists. Liburd creates original designs – hand painted t-shirts, dresses, ornaments and more – for the retail tourist market. “I want to teach them that art is an avenue that can produce gainful employment; I want to encourage them to be innovative, show them how to be innovative and creative by using all that is around us; also I want to inspire them to touch people with their art,” he said.

Also adding to the prize package are artist Jennifer Meranto who is contributing art pieces; Marcel Marshall who has made book contributions much like fellow author Floree Williams, the Best of Books, and the Antigua and Barbuda International Literary Festival; and former Wadadli Pen judge D. Gisele Isaac who is adding to the money pot which already includes sizable cash contributions from ABI Insurance, Seven Seas/Frank B. Armstrong, and the International Women’s Club of Antigua and Barbuda.

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