FYI – Wadadli Pen update

Be advised that the judging round of the Best of Books Wadadli Pen Challenge 2011 has begun. This year’s judges are Dotsie Isaac Gellizeau, an Antiguan and Barbudan poet who made her name on the local open mic circuit before releasing her spoken word CD Absoulutely Dotsie and going to have her work featured in different fora such as the presentation of Wednesday’s Child during the 2010 production of When A Woman Moans, and Brenda Lee Browne, writer and former coordinator of the A & B Independence Literary Arts competition who has mentored many young writers. The roughly 40 submitted pieces will be shortlisted and the top three in each age category returned to the writers for editing and resubmission before the final ranking per age category (12 and under, 13 to 17, 18 to 35) and for overall winner is done. The winning pieces will be posted on the Wadadli Pen website and possibly elsewhere.

Winning pieces must be in the genre of children’s literature, must be creative and interesting, and in the spirit of the Caribbean. We continue to look for writing that engages.

Registrations have started to come in, meanwhile, from artist (35 and younger) interested in creating illustrations for the top stories. Interested artists can continue to submit their names until the first round of judging is completed later this month. Extracts will then go out for visual interpretation along with guidelines from art teacher Renee Philip, also organizer of St. Anthony’s Sidewalk Art Festival. If you like to draw, we invite you to submit your name, age, gender, location and contact information to

As founder/coordinator of the competition, I am still in the process of soliciting sponsorship as all winning writers and artists will be awarded prizes. Thanks so much to the sponsors who are already on board.

Winners will be awarded during the planned June anniversary street book fair.

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