Hudle Jennings is the winner of the 2011 Wadadli Pen visual arts challenge. She also scored the second spot with the third spot going to eight-year-old Freya Platts-Costeloe.

The challenge was to create supporting art for the short listed stories in the 2011 competition – the idea of illustrations seemed a
good fit given that we’re focused this year on children’s, teen and young adult literature. Art teacher, Renee Philip created the guidelines, which challenged the artists to, among other things, create illustrations that “reflect at least the theme or a specific passage from the stories.” Artists had to pre-register; each was then issued at least two of the stories and charged to go forth and
create. The already small field of registered artists dwindled, but we still got some interesting submissions out of it.

Jennings’ cover art for Devra Thomas’ Sands and Butterflies
most impressed, followed by her cover art for Shakeema Edwards’ The Curse of the Kumina:  Jennings describes her art as ‘computerized collage’.  A graduate of the CTTEC Microsoft Certification Center, she is an aspiring graphic artist who currently works as a customer service representative in the banking industry.

Freya Platts-Costeloe is a third grader at Island Academy and one third of a triplet for her parents.
Her mom, Nettie, informs us that she is a very enthusiastic young artist who is passionate about drawing and painting
in all mediums and on any surface from stones found on the beach to leaves found in the rain forests. “She pays an incredible amount of attention to detail and was thrilled at the prospect of illustrating a short story,” Nettie said. No surprise then that Freya submitted three pencil drawings – the most submissions of any registered artist.
Two were for Zuri Holder’s The Scary Night, one in particular impressing with itsattention to detail and the way it captured the atmosphere of the story:

Congrats to both Hudle and Freya. The art pictured here – as well as other submitted art have also been posted with the stories they’re designed to complement.

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