One sunny day, Mrs. Flinn was baking a cake, but she forgot that she didn’t have milk.  So, she went to get the amount of money needed.

There we were sitting on the shelf and all stuffed into her purse. As she ran to her car, I dropped out of the purse. She looked around on the ground for me but because the driveway was gray I was camouflaged.  Mrs. Flinn gave up the search and took off in
such a speed that I couldn’t roll up to her.

As I was rolling down the street as fast as I could, I rolled into the gutter. The gutter took me underground. The only light there
came through the cracks and holes. I found an exit but the gutter made me green. I washed myself off in a nearby puddle.
Soon I was clean and not green.

I was picked up by a dog.  As I was being carried, the dog’s slobber made me slip out. Then a bird picked me up, but luckily some more slobber was on me, so I slipped out of its claws.

illustration by SA Dixon, an entry in the visual arts category of the 2011 Wadadli Pen Challenge.

Next I fell into a yard with two boys.  I was getting worried that I would never get to my owner again.

When I looked up, I saw that the two boys were sling shooting things.

The two boys grabbed me and sling shot me over the fence into my owner’s head.  I was so happy to see her.

So, she hurried back to the store, and then handed me to the cashier with three other coins.


Orique Sean Gordon was born on Saturday 14th August, 1999 and lives at Bank Alley, St. John’s, Antigua. His parents are Sean  and Dionne Gordon and his sister is Zanique Gordon who is 5 years  old.  He attended  the Beacon Light Academy and now goes to Minoah Magnet Academy.  Orique’s hobbies are playing  football and his games, watching TV and writing stories.  His life’s goal is to be either a pilot, archeologist or a veterinarian working in Africa and Australia.

Could Orique also be a writer? Maybe. His story was popular with the judges earning him both the win in the 12 and Under age category and a tie for second place overall in the Wadadli Pen 2011 challenge.

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