Wadadli Pen 2011 Winners’ Release

The winners of the 2011 Wadadli Pen Challenge were announced and awarded Saturday night, during day one of the Best of Books 10-year-anniversary Outdoor Book and Story Fair at the University Centre.

The overall winner was stay-at-home-mom and Anglican youth worker Devra
Thomas, author of Sands and Butterflies. Eleven-year-old Minoah Magnet student Orique Gordon, author of The Lost Coin tied for second place with Shakeema Edwards, a 17-year-old Antigua State College student and author of The Curse of the Kumina. Princess Margaret School student Chatrisse Beazer, 16-year-old author of The Legend of Banana Boy, was third.

The judges praised the “natural dialogue” and “lovely pace” of Sands and Butterflies, a story involving a mother-daughter beach adventure but about much more. The Lost Coin, a story told from a unique perspective, was said to have a “nice rhythm” while the author of Curse of the Kumina “pack(ed) in conflict, humour and a resolution” in her story. The Legend of Banana Boy, meanwhile, was a bit of old school storytelling with an unlikely superhero described as having “nice tension and natural rhythm.”

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2 responses to “Wadadli Pen 2011 Winners’ Release

  1. Devra Thomas

    It would be remiss of me not to say:

    Thank you, God, for the gift of writing and a ‘free and wild’ imagination. To You be all glory, honour and praise. Please keep on writing through me!

    Many thanks to Joanne C. Hillhouse and Wadadli Pen for the opportunity to exercise my gift and passion. May God continue to bless you, your invaluable work and generous sponsors!

    Congratulations to all who submitted entries in this year’s challenge. I dare say we are all writers. Keep on writing!

    Devra Thomas (ADSLG)

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