Post Note

Post contest, winners have been making the media rounds; Devra Thomas, as overall and 18 to 35 winner, has been contacted by and will be featured in a pending publication by News Pages; and Orique Gordon, along with other winners in the 12 and under category, Zuri Holder and Keillia Mentor appeared with their parents on Auntie Debbie’s Our House on Observer Radio. Winning stories through the years will be featured in a special issue of online children’s journal, Anansesem.

But it’s the small moments that resonate…receiving the edits of the short listed pieces from the writers
(who readily embraced the redrafting process guided by Judge Brenda Lee Browne’s comments), preparing and delivering the prizes (it’s a bit like wrapping presents at Christmas), and feedback like this…

Orique sharing that he’s started work on another story, Zuri sharing that he just keeps staring at the cheque he received (not depositing or cashing it, just staring at it!), their faces as they read their stories on air (nerves and joy in one nice bundle), the pride in the parents’ voices…

And emails like these:

“We were thrilled to be a part of such a lovely event and Freya was blown over with all her ‘Winnings’. We have been to
register with Edison and I am (sure) she will benefit greatly from his expertise .”
– from the mom of eight year old Freya Platts-Costeloe
(second in the art contest…the Edison mentioned is Edison Liburd who donated two scholarships worth EC$300+ each to his art camp to the two art winners)

“Elated mother (what a mother’s day gift)”
– from Orique’s mom on learnng her son had made the finals.

“I am so grateful to write and receive encouragement…you inspire me to step out”
– from Devra after her win.

The truth is, they inspire me.

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