*This is the table of contents for the forthcoming fourth edition of the Antigua and Barbuda Review of Books edited by Dr. Paget Henry. The launch is set for the night of August 5th at the University Centre. See article here, and table of contents below.

Editor’s Introduction

A Tribute to Charles Ephraim by Natasha Lightfoot

Review Essay: Charles Wm. Ephraim’s, The Pathology of Eurocentrism by Lewis R. Gordon

Beyond the Man of Ressentiment: Charles Ephraim and the Reconstruction of Africana Philosophy by Corey D.B. Walker

Charles Ephraim, Black Redemption and Existential Philosophy: A Review Essay by Paget Henry

Birthing My African Poems by Edith Oladele

Feeling the Ghetto Vibes by Joanne Hillhouse

The Reviews

Joanne Hillhouse, The Boy From Willow Bend

by Natasha Lightfoot

Emily Spencer Knight, Growing up in All Saints Village, Antigua
by Bernadette Farquhar

Antigua History as seen From the Villages

by Susan Lowes

Book Discussion

Paget Henry & Anthony Bogues in Conversation: Shouldering Antigua and Barbuda

Shouldering Antigua and Barbuda

by Adlai Murdoch

Shouldering Antigua and Barbuda

by George K. Danns

Paget Henry, Shouldering Antigua and Barbuda & Lionel Hurst, Luther George

by Patrick Albert Lewis

Paget Henry’s Shouldering Antigua and Barbuda: The life of V.C. Bird: A Review Essay

by Tennyson S.D. Joseph

Papa Bird in Perspective

by Paul Buhle

V.C. Bird, Politics and Philosophy: A Reply to Critics

by Paget Henry


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