REMINDER re message from the Youth Department of Antigua and Barbuda

Youth Director Cleon Athill.


The Department of Youth Affairs once again gets ready to host the National Youth Awards 2011

This will be held on Saturday November 26th , 2011. As usual, we are seeking the support of the public. ….You!


National Youth Awards (NYA) are conferred on young people between the ages of 10 and 35 years who have demonstrably excelled in different fields of developmental endeavours and social service.. These young people are commended for their dedication to excellence and are held up as role models to other youths .
General Criteria:

All Nominees must be:
* of the age group 10-35 yrs.
* National of Antigua & Barbuda
* Resident in Antigua
* in good social standing

National Youth Awards (NYA) will be conferred to deserving young people who satisfy the above criteria.

Awards will be given in the following areas
The Ministry of Education (Department of Education) presents top performers in the the annual National examinations for Awards.
These are CAPE, CXC, Post Primary and Common Entrance Examinations
Outstanding Scholarship Award.*..Awarded to a young university graduate who has done exceptionally well (at the highest level)
Nominations are invited from the general public

2. Sports:
The Department of Sports presents overall top performers for “Young Sport Man” and ” Young Sports Woman” of the Year Awards .

3. Media:
National Youth Awards recognizes the contribution of young media practitioners to the “engendering of a positive youth culture”. There are three media awards– two of these go to individual journalists and the other goes to a media house that has made a significant contribution towards the development of our young people as well as the positive portrayal of youth in the media.
Young Media Practitioner…(nominated by the Department of Youth Affairs)
Young Journalist.*.(Covers youth issues in a holistic way) Nominations are invited from the general public
Youth-Friendly Media House*.(Nominations are invited from the public)

4. Agriculture:
The Ministry of Agriculture presents 2 top performers for the “Young Farmer of the Year Award” as well as the award for “Young Agro-processor”

5 Cultural & Performing Art*
The Department of Culture presents 2 top performers/achievers for these awards. (Nominations are also invited from the public)

6. Literary Arts:*
The Literary Society is especially invited to present nominees for this Award. Nominations are also invited from the public

7. Tourism
The Ministry of Tourism presents top performers, one for the “Service Award” and one for the “Management Award”

8. Visual Arts*
This award is presented for outstanding work in visual arts. Departments of Education and Culture as well as the general public are invited to present nominees.

9. Entrepreneurship*
This award recognizes the achievement of a young entrepreneur. The general public is invited to make nominations. The Chamber of Commerce and the Small Business Association are also invited to send nominations

10. Community Service*
Two awards are issued in this category -Individual & Youth Group.
This award recognizes the contribution of the individual youth and youth groups to the development of their communities. Nominations are invited from the general public.

11. Young professional
This award is conferred upon a young professional, who through excellent professional practice, upholds the standards of his or her professsion.
Nominations are invited from the business sector and all professional organizations and associations ( e.g. Bar Association,
Medical Association, Teachers Association Underwriters Association, Architect and Engineers Associations)

12. Young Artisan*
This award is presented to a young artisan who has produced excellent work and who has dedicated time to develop his/her craft. Here we celebrate tilelayers, painters, bricklayers; blacksmith; masons joiners; seamstresses, carpenters, etc.
Nominations are invited from the public

13. Barbuda’s Best
The people of Barbuda through their Council will identify a young Barbudan for this award.

14. Young Pioneer Award
This Award goes to a young person/group who is breaking new grounds in areas such a film; information tecnology, manufacturing; etc

Corporate Awards*
National Youth Awards (NYA) also recognizes the contribution of the business community to youth development. Here two corporate citizens are recognized for their youth development initiatives and another three for the contributions they would have made to support youth programmes throughout the year.
Nominations are invited from sports and youth groups. This is a way to thank the business places that have sponsored your programmes for the year.

Honouring Adults/Life-Time Awards*
National Youth Awards recognizes the contributions of adults who would have contributed to youth development. NYA will honour 5 adults who over the years have contributed significantly to the development of our young people, particularly at the national level.
Here too, nominations are invited from the general public.

*Nominations are invited from general public

*All nominations should reach the Department of Youth Affairs by August 31. We are located at Prime Minister’s Office Drive (off Factory Road)

National Youth Awards 2011 will confer a total of 34 awards

The Department of Youth Affairs is encouraging the Business Sector and interested individuals to sponsor an Award. Please call the Department to say how you will support, at # 462-6781… (Ms. Tamorla Henry) or E-Mail or
Thanks for Suporting our National Youth Development Agenda.

Cleon Athill
Director of Youth

“To whom
much is given, much is expected”

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