I love bananas, too

Interesting bit of trivia, at least to me; according to site
stats, the all time top 5 search terms (as of August 2011) that most often lead
people to Wadadli Pen are, in descending order, most to least searched:

  1.       Legend of banana

My reaction: No wonder Chatrisse Beazer’s 2011 prize winning Wadadli Pen entry The Legend of Banana Boy is so often lately among our top posts…how much do I love that one of the products of this Wadadli Pen project, a story by
one of our young authors, is in such demand?…They are searching for the
story, right, and not some mythical legend about bananas?

2.       West Indian literature

My reaction: No surprise here; John R. Lee’s bibliography on Discovering West Indian Literature in English  has (consistently) attracted a lot of traffic to

That's Lee far left with In the Castle of My Skin author George Lamming centre, and poet and BIM editor Esther Phillips far right.

the site since it was initially posted and until the rise of the banana owned the top spot. I’m happy for this as I do want the site to be seen as sort of a resource on not just Antiguan lit and Wadadli Pen but…well, writing in general and West Indian Literature in particular.

3.       Wadadli pen

My reaction:The site’s purpose for being is Wadadli Pen,
so, guess I should count it as a win that we’re in the top three. We’re coming
for you bananas!

4.       Caribbean novels 1960  

My reaction: This is odd, not the “Caribbean novels” part but the “1960”; is this a college course or something? If not, why are so many searching for this particular year of Caribbean novels? Sure the ’50s and ‘60s was a banner period for the emerging Caribbean novel, but why 1960 in particular? Hm. Almost as much of a mystery as the legend of the banana.

5.       The Legend of Banana

My reaction: …speaking of which…

After that, you have people looking for particular authors
and poets – Esther Phillips to Althea Prince to Jamaica Kincaid – or for
groupings like “Antiguan poets”; and, given my ambitions for the site, that
thrills me no end, even as it challenges me to step up my game to make sure
that you don’t come here in vain.

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