Gone but not to be forgotten

Found myself thinking of Nerissa Percival recently. Her untimely death in 2010 was a blow to those of us who knew her. I met her during the first staging of the Vagina Monologues in Antigua and Barbuda. I remember she brought such quiet grace and wry humour to her performance piece The Flood.

in rehearsal for the Flood

I remember that like the character in the piece she seemed soft on the surface with sass and steel underneath, not loud but not to be taken lightly

Nerissa, opening night.

. I remember she was always taking pictures, effectively becoming our archivist for that first year of daring theatrical activism. I didn’t know Nerissa well but she made an impression, no doubt. I wanted to take a moment to remember her life, especially as I realize that, perhaps inevitably, her presence from the internet is fading a bit; I used to have a link to her page in the Antiguan Authors on the web section but last I checked the page was gone.  So, I’ll leave you with this; links to her books and to an interview with her posted to Carib Arena. UPDATE! I did subsequently find her photo archive still online.


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3 responses to “Gone but not to be forgotten

  1. I knew Nerissa as well. We met online since we share the same name and we had a great pen pal online friendship (pre skype) and all of that. My wish was to meet her someday and before I could get to Antigua she had passed. I was packing for vacation with tears in my eyes.

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