Spelling Bee Finals this Weekend

The 5th Annual Haliborange-Rotaract Spelling Bee Finals is set for this Saturday 15th October, Saturday morning (10 ish usually) at Antigua’s Multipurpose Centre. Hope you’ll come out and support the kids (finalists Annafra John-Pierre of Five Islands Primary; Jahsheeda Brodie of Freetown Primary; Jermaine Simon of Gospel Light Elementary; Keodre Herbert of St. John’s Catholic Primary; and Alec Wilkinson of St. Nicholas Primary). I plan to be there. And apart from the competition, I’m also excited by the invitation received by one of our Wadadli Pen finalists (also a Bee finalist last year) to read his story at the event.

For event coverage leading up to the semifinals which whittled the field of 10 to five and more Bee info in general, visit here. For our parade of past winners, visit here.

And here’s a blast from the past…well, from last year:

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