Bee pics 2011

Thanks to Margo of Frank B. Armstrong for these mementos of Wadadli Pen’s participation in the Haliborange-Rotaract Spelling Bee, though even she has acknowledged that they’re not the best. So, consider them the teaser and hopefully we’ll have better pics of the full event in  time. But suffice it to say the Bee finalists did amazingly well, as you’ll find in this article. Congrats to the winner, Keondre Herbert of St. John’s Catholic Primary.

And 2010 Bee finalist and 2011 Wadadli Pen finalist, Zuri Holder, a student of Sunnyside Tutorial and long time Cushion Club member, was selected to read his story The Scary Night at the event, following my brief introduction. Here’s a grainy record of both our participation in the programme:

introducing Zuri


Zuri delivering, with a capital D




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2 responses to “Bee pics 2011

  1. great but a little too dark i can hardly see anything

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