Christmas Card Competition Deadline, Is Your Entry In?


October 2011





Art At The Ridge is inviting entries for its 2011 Christmas Card Competition for schoolchildren (aged 7 to 19) at
all schools in Antigua & Barbuda. The Bank of Antigua started this event a few years ago and it ran very
successfully, highlighting the abundance of creative talent among the island’s children and young people.  Some of the
artwork produced has been of such accomplished quality that it seems amazing to realise these are not already well-known artists!  When the Bank of Antigua stopped this competition, the Museum of Antigua & Barbuda took up the mantle in 2009
and, last year, Island Academy held an in-house competition which again continued to show the wonderful creativity and imagination among our youngsters.


It is therefore with great expectations that Art At The Ridge is now also holding this competition.  All schools in Antigua & Barbuda are invited to submit entries from their students to Art At the Ridge (based at Sugar Ridge) by Friday 4 November 2011.


Further information is below.



At The Ridge’s 2011 Christmas Card Competition: Rules of Entry


  1. All entrants must be Antiguan-based.
  2. Entrants must be aged between 7 and 19 by 31 December 2011.  There will be 6 age groups by which artwork
    will be judged.
  3. Entrants may submit one piece of artwork only.
  4. Artwork must be Christmas-themed, original and unaided.
  5. All artwork must be produced on art paper, using an art medium of the entrant’s choice.
  6. Entrants should write (in print) the following information on the BACK of their artwork:
    Name, Address, Telephone Number, Age (as at 31 December 2011), School Name, School Teacher, School Address, School Telephone Number, Signature of Parent or Teacher or Guardian.
  7. Artwork must be submitted by the school to Art At The Ridge (Unit No 6, Sugar Ridge Village, Bolans, St Mary’s) by Friday 4 November 2011.  No late entries will be accepted.
  8. The winning piece of artwork in each age group will be made by a group of judges selected by Art At The Ridge.
  9. Children of the judges will not be considered for this competition, although they may submit artwork.

10. Artwork will not be returned to entrants and will remain the property of Art At The Ridge.

11. Competition winners may be asked to be involved in publicity and promotions around this event (including their Parent
or Teacher or Guardian).

12. Winning entries will be reproduced for Christmas Cards and may also be reproduced for other related purposes.


DATE DEADLINE: Friday 4 November 2011



Art At The Ridge features local art and crafts and promotes Antiguan artists and artisans.  Based at Sugar Ridge Village in Bolans, St Mary’s, Art At The Ridge recently held its 1st Juried Art Exhibition which showcased exciting artwork by accomplished Antiguan artists.  Art At The Ridge holds regular exhibitions at Sugar Club (at Sugar Ridge) as well as other art events on the island.





: Monday to
Friday: 9.00am to 5.00pm, Saturday: 9.00am to 12.00pm

Address: Art At The Ridge, Unit No. 6, Sugar
Ridge, Bolans, Antigua

: PO Box 84,
Jolly Harbour, Antigua

Contact: Joy James

Tel: 728 1558



Twitter: ArtAtTheRidge

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