The Cushion Club extends congratulations to the two latest recipients of the annual club prize to Buckley’s Primary School sixth graders selected by the class teacher for achievement in humanities-based subjects. The prize, given in the name of the Cushion Club, is sponsored by Club leader Cedric Holder.

The recipients for the 2010-2011 school year are Buckley’s school graduates Basham Nerine, 11, and Brianna Otto, 11. The pair recently received gift certificates redeemable at the Best of Books.

The prize has been offered by the Club – and Holder in particular – for several years as sort of an encouragement to students preparing for the Common Entrance Exam, as a way of stoking improved performance in social studies and English. Given its limited resources, the Club decided to form a relationship with a single school, and Buckleys has been it since 2005. Winners over the years include Alicia Henry, Showmein Lewis, Jenica Williams, LaShoye Wayne, Coleen Berridge, Anna Kay Chowers, Shenel Francis, Andrew Forbes, and Shonte Smith. Nerine and Otto are now added to the roll.

Holder, who is very popular with the students as a regular volunteer reader at the school, said the 2011 choices did not surprise him given what he’d observed of their attentiveness and participation during those school visits. “Basham especially (was) very enthusiastic from the get-go, (so) I knew he was going to be one to get something,” Holder said. “He was always the one to ask questions.”

The Cushion Club head is also reporting that there have been wonderful new additions to the Club, a popular Saturday morning hangout for youngster who like to read or be read to. The Club, facilitated completely by volunteers, has been reopened for several weeks, its return coinciding, give or take, with the start of the new school year, still at Best of Books but in its new location at #1 Village Walk mall on Friars Hill Road. Volunteers and young people, ideally five years and older, are encouraged to stop by. The Club meets between 10:30 a.m. and 12 noon on Saturdays. To participate, donate, or volunteer, contact the club at

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