Open Mic piece by Brenda Lee Browne

I did not know that I was black until I was 11……..until then I ate fish and chips, watched cartoons and rice and peas on a Sunday…….my friends were my friends as we shared the same love for sci fi ‘lost in space’, ‘thunderbirds’ and ‘captain scarlet’ to name a few. I read janet and john books and about Heidi and her grumpy grandfather, as well as Tom Brown’s very sad school days……..I was not black until I was 11, when the colour of my skin made me academically, socially different, judged by my skin colour and not my east London speech……..where my parents’ birthplace became my own…..I did not know that I was black until I was 11 and I learnt that being black made you lesser than and have to work twice as hard to make it……that your skin colour is the first thing people see and base all their expectations on………..I became black at 11 cultivating my own language,music and dreams based on the collective memories of my parents and their fiends…….by Brenda Lee Browne


THANKS for sharing Brenda Lee; readers, remember to respect her copyright and wordsmiths be sure to check out the Wadadli Pen Open Mic, second Saturday of every month at the Best of Books, #1 Village Walk Mall.


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