Peace by Sea by Doreen Crawford

 Part of a series of poems produced by the Fantastic Five, a group of incarcerated women in Antigua and Barbuda who participated in a six week Writing/Communications programme facilitated by Brenda Lee Browne who encouraged them to Just Write. “This group of five is made up of first time writers, women who did not know that they could write,” Browne noted. She was proud in the end of what they’d produced. “It takes courage to share your work, read out loud your personal interpretation of life,” she noted. We tend to have an out of sight, out of mind attitude to people who’ve run afoul of the law and been locked away from society. This series of poems reminds us that, like anyone else, they just want to be heard.



Feeling of the ocean breeze caressing my body

And my love one beside me

As the water lashes the power of itself on my secret parts

It feels good

To feel relaxed at last

I am sitting alone by the sea watching the ocean getting

Calmer and the sunset falling across as the distant far out to sea

Dragging my mind to its peacefulness

To the calm of the powerful breeze caresses my mind

I wonder far away as the sea relaxes me

The ocean splashes

The wind whispers powerful words

And the waves dance as the wind sings

Its music of sweet songs

I listen and laugh as they all dance along

The fish swim out far across the low waves

I see the birds going home from every sunset

I know peace at its best for where I sit at the seashore

So still

So calm


Rest at last

By Doreen Crawford©2011

These pieces from the writing/communications programme facilitated by Brenda Lee Browne, in the women’s section of Antigua and Barbuda’s prison in 2011, are posted here with the writers’ permission as relayed to us by Browne. This is for the purpose of sharing the fruits of their creative labour. Copyright of these pieces remain the preserve of the writers and, as is the case with all Wadadli Youth Pen Prize/Wadadli Pen content should not be copied, distributed, transmitted, used for commercial purposes, altered, transformed, or built upon without the consent of the copyright holders. All other site content is created by me (Joanne C. Hillhouse) or, in the case of winning Wadadli Pen stories, the specific authors unless otherwise indicated. The same rules apply.


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