The Fantastic Five

As I write this, I’m working on a story about rehabilitative programmes in our local prison, colloquially referred to as 1735. I decided to pause and do this update because I’ve been sitting on this for too long and the women on lock down who participated in the six week writing/communications programme facilitated by Brenda Lee Browne deserve their props for using their time positively. I hope this programme is able to access the funding it needs to continue.

The first one, LIFE, is by Raquel Harris. Something about this line tugs at me, “You fall into pain and sometimes shame.”

And this one is so sensual and yet so much more than physical: MY BLACK MAN – WHO’S MY BLACK MAN? by Jay Marie Chin. We read more about him in SUMMER.

How’s this for addictive imagery “He’s as if there is dope all over him” from LOVE by Monette Walker. Also check out her internal landscape in ME.

MY STORY is the kind of non-fiction piece young people on the precipice should read for a reality check.

And how do you write so vividly of the sea and of love and peace when all three are so far away? Doreen Crawford does so quite stirringly in PEACE BY SEA.

MOTHER FOR SALE by Queisha Geger, meanwhile, made me think (a bit) of that old gospel staple, No Charge by Shirley Caesar. Raquel Harris also had to something to say about a mother’s love as well in TO MY MOTHER.

Kudos to Brenda Lee for this programme and for the quality of the work she was able to guide them into producing. It’s good stuff, though my favourite is probably Peace by Sea.


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