R.I.P. Professor Brown

Professor Aggrey Brown’s influence is all over the Caribbean media landscape as the man who taught many of us in the profession not only how to do what we do, but why. I’m truly sorry to hearof his passing, and wanted to share this eulogy posted by Barbadian journalist Julius Gittens:

“Rather, in examining and assessing what the media are in the Caribbean, we came upon the question – Talking with Whom? Do we have infrastructures and channels for communication without communications processes in the Caribbean?” – from “Talking with Whom”, Brown and Sanatan, 1987.

For hundreds of us in the Caribbean – the name meant, and means, so much. Aggrey.

Aggrey the teacher, Aggrey the torturer, Aggrey the brain, Aggrey the critic, Aggrey the angry, the sage, the visionary, the thinker, the talker.

Dare we see his like again?

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