Tracking Their Continued Success…

UPDATED TO ADD Kudos to 2006 winner, Angelica O’Donoghue, who co-founded online news source with the goal of delivering real time updates to local and regional events, sort of like a news feed, Antigua Chronicle.

Congrats to past Terikiah Benjamin , also 2010 winner in the Friends of Antigua Public Library short story competition, who finishes out 2011 with a win in the Homes, Families and Gardens Festival poetry and research competition.

Congrats to 2011 Wadadli Pen art finalist Freya Platts-Costeloe for scoring the win in her age category (9 – 10) of the Art at the Ridge 2011 Christmas card competition. Readers may remember that Freya also benefited as part of her Wadadli Pen prize package from her art camp experience with Edison Liburd. We salute her continued development.

While we’re here, kudos to Shakeema Edwards and Devra Thomas, Wadadli Pen winners who also did well in this year’s Independence Literary Arts competition, placing in the top three of the story writing section of  that competition.

Loving it!

p.s. There are a number such accomplishments predating the start of this blog but with only 10 fingers and limited time, I’ll add those (maybe) and any I find going forward when able.

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