Wadadli Pen Open Mic – A New Beginning

When: Saturday, January 14, 2012

Time: 7:30pm until 9:00pm.

Where: Best of Books, #1 Village Walk, Friar’s Hill Rd

Description: No we’re not starting over, but with a New Year comes another opportunity, a clean page to write our lives the way we want it. An opportunity to not just build from scratch but to move forward building of off our experiences from the past year(s).

With that in mind Wadadli Pen Open Mic presents: A New Beginning. Let us greet the new year the best way we know how, with the word.

So looking forward to seeing and sharing with all of our old and new friends and come tell us your stories, share your poetry, sing us your songs, entertain us with your plays and test your verbal skills if you’re up for the impromtu challenges.

Saturday 14th January promises a fun evening for the whole family as we do everytime.

A New Beginning – See it how you want it, Take it how you feel it, say it how you mean it.

Remember: Saturday 14th January, 7:30pm sharp, Best of Books #1 Village Walk, Friar’s Hill Rd.

Happy New Year!

Promoting Literacy in Antigua and Barbuda


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