Good luck, Teach

Just came across these on my hard drive (scroll down to see the others), thought I’d share them; they are story time images from Buckley’s Primary a few years ago. The teacher seen is Leah Robinson who has now been re-assigned to Villa Primary as deputy principal. I’ve always respected Ms. Robinson’s commitment to promoting literacy and the literary arts among her students. She opened her class to people like me and Cushion Club volunteer Cedric Holder to read with the kids, Cedric still does this regularly. Plus she’s been the link between the school and the Cushion Club, which sponsors a prize designed to promote the humanities (especially English and Social Studies which the finalizing students would have to contend with in the Common Entrance exam). I remember, too, that the one year that Wadadli Pen was able to offer a prize for most submissions from an individual school, Buckleys won, thanks in part no doubt to Ms. Robinson’s efforts and that one of her students with her support was able to pull out a third place finish in the 12 and under category of the 2011 Wadadli Youth Pen Prize. The first winner in the Rotaract Haliborange annual Spelling Bee, that was one of her students as well. She’s a teacher making a difference. We’re sorry to see her go from Buckleys (especially, in the Cushion Club’s case, given the desire to maintain the relationship with the school…ideally we feel a transfer would have been better placed between school years rather than in the middle of an existing school year but there may be reasons for this that we don’t know) and we know her impact will be felt at Villa as well. Our best wishes, as she begins this new chapter.

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