Flashback – National Vibes Star Project Award

Too bad this project, spearheaded by poet and promoter Knowledge couldn’t have been sustained; it was a good way to celebrate the creative artsĀ – primarily the performing arts but because many songs require lyricists also the literary arts; kind of our version of the Grammys/Peoples Choice Awards. The Grammys because it was an industry award with fun performances and lots of glamour and excitement, People’s Choice because it was voted on by the people. It didn’t have the kind of funding/support needed to keep going, though. And isn’t that always the case. Here’s a look back:

From left NVSP founder Knowledge, Tizzy of El A Kru, Kayode Erasto, and one of the night's presenters and, I believe, reigning Homecoming Queen at the time.


Calypsonian/calypso writer performing at the NVSP awards Zacari










Calypso writer/producer Dr. Prince Ramsey on receiving an award at the NVSP Awards.

NVSP awards winner Destroyer.


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