Thanks, JCI

I should probably be slapped on the wrist for this, but I didn’t know about the JCI Ten Outstanding Young Person’s Award TOYP until I was selected by JCI Antigua, an affiliate of JCI West Indies, as their nominee. I am humbled by this selection and, as I was specifically informed that “my contribution to the development of young people in the literary arts field by establishing the Wadadli Youth Pen Prize competition” factored significantly into my selection, thanks as well to Wadadli Pen for keeping me inspired.

Alas, my nomination was not among the 30 out of 160 retained by the World Programme panel of judges, nor obviously among the top 10 which made the final cut, but today (January 21st 2012) at the JCI Antigua presidential installation ceremony, I received, with gratitude,my consolation prize:

‘Award of Excellence

JCI West Indies Outstanding Young Person (TOYP)

This document certifies that

Miss Joanne Hillhouse

Has been awarded as one of the JCI West Indies Ten Outstanding Young Person 2011, for your unselfish Humanitarian work in Antigua and Barbuda.

October 15th 2011, Grafton Beach Resort, Tobago

(signed by)

Brenda Alpert
2011 National President
JCI West Indies.”

Thank you JCI West Indies. And Thank you JCI Antigua for nominating me.


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2 responses to “Thanks, JCI

  1. Tam Brann

    Congratulations to you on your achievement, Joanne. It’s still a win in my book.

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