Wadadli Pen Challenge Prompts

Sometimes in the world of writing, you need a little prompting to get your creative juices flowing. That’s all this is. It’s not guidelines or instructions or rules. In fact, we encourage you to let your pen run free, let your fingers dance across the key board, follow your imagination to the land of impossibilities.  Dream. These prompts are not meant to put you in a box but to help you write yourself out of one. As we prepare for the 2013 season of Wadadli Pen, we want you to write not just for competition, but to flex your creative muscles until you find your strengths, and the strength to believe in your own creative power. We’ll be adding new prompts in the build up to the 2013 Challenge. So keep coming back everytime you need a bump.

Wadadli Pen Challenge Prompt – It’s the Little Things

Wadadli Pen Challenge Prompt – Writing History with a Little Romance

Wadadli Pen Challenge Prompt – What do you see?

Wadadli Pen Challenge Prompt – Reimagining History

Wadadli Pen Challenge Prompt – Character

Wadadli Pen Challenge Prompt – a Dear John letter

Wadadli Pen Challenge Prompt – Saying it with Style

Wadadli Pen Challenge Prompt – solving a mystery

Wadadli Pen Challenge Prompt – Mythologies

FYI, a good space to try out new writing is the Wadadli Pen Open Mic, a Wadadli Pen partner programme.

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