So, I’m trying not to sweat my presentation for the Association of Caribbean Women Writers and Scholars International Conference but (who am I kidding), I’m sweating it a little bit. Trying to pull my ideas together…preparation beats nerves every time, right. Meanwhile, lots of positive energy encouraged…oh and check out the line up of featured writers/artists. I’m humbled (and did I mention nervous as hell) to be among them.

Also look out for Oh Gad! (so excited and nervous about it’s release, as well…this ride is such a roller coaster) but so far so good…and still on track to hit the market in April 2012.

Like I posted on my facebook page recently, I’ll do my best to keep up… and remember to breathe.

Joanne C. Hillhouse, with much gratitude for all the support and encouragement.


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4 responses to “Journeying

  1. My goodness! I looked at that line-up of presenters, and you have nothing to worry about! All of you ladies are very impressive. Be encouraged that you will add something just as wonderful and meaningful as everyone else, more so on points unique to you. How exciting (nervous excitement?) for you.
    Enjoy it. 🙂

  2. Looks like a wonderful lineup; wish I was one of the lucky attendees. Good luck, I’m sure you & everyone will be terrific.

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