Not a Photog

I am not a photographer. And it’s not for lack of trying. After all, photography (still and video) was a part of my course work for my Communications degree from the University of the West Indies, and, during my time at the Antigua Sun, I took Mali Olatunji’s photography course on the Sun’s dime. Plus, in a small market like Antigua, reporters are often expected to be photogs as well, so I’ve done my share of professional photography during my time in the field. That’s part of the reason I have so many damned photographs in my archives. But I’m not a photographer. I don’t understand the science of it; don’t have a gift for the art of it. But I do have a deep appreciation for the artistry of it. And I’m a fan of the visual arts in its various manifestations. As for my photography, the best that can be said is that sometimes I get lucky. Like with this image:

I was over at Jumbie Bay (high end resort on Long Island) on assignment (I really wouldn’t have any other occasion to be over there…beautiful though it is, you don’t just walk over to Long Island, know what I mean). Sunset is my favourite time of day because I love the colours and I love how no two sunsets are the same. I happened to point and click (since that’s what I do) in the twilight after the showy part of sunset. So, why am I posting this now? Well, I recently entered it in the February ‘On the Beach’ photo challenge (decided by viewer’s choice voting) and now I’m going to link it at the At Home With Books Saturday Snapshot Meme. Just because. I don’t think it was taken on a Saturday, but I don’t think that matters. If you like it, go vote.

SHAMELESS PLUG TIME: If you’ve stumbled upon this post from elsewhere and wish to read a book set in this delightful locale (Antigua not Long Island), I hope you’ll give my new book (Oh Gad! by Joanne C. Hillhouse), a try when it hits the market in 2012.


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2 responses to “Not a Photog

  1. Sunsets are so hard to capture on film and that one is lovely!

    Thanks for linking to the meme! Photos definitely don’t have to be taken on a Saturday, or even recently for that matter. It’s just a place for people to link up posts of snapshots that they or their family members have taken. Most of my good photos have been a combo of luck and the different auto (for dummies) settings on my camera. Someday I hope to learn more about all of the technical details.

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