Sidewalk Gallery


(Photo credits – varied, some from the school, some by my niece, some from the archives)


I went to the Sidewalk Art Festival at St. Anthony’s Primary Secondary today (Saturday 18th February) .  It’s an innovative art competition (organized by the 2011 Wadadli Pen art coordinator/judge actually Renee Phillip). It brings together students from different secondary schools in Antigua and Barbuda to design and create art in coloured chalk on the school’s walkways. Can’t picture it? Here are some images from the past three years of the competition:



No images on this year’s competition as yet (I know, my photographer…actually my niece) is dropping points but what can I do…I’ll post them soon as able.


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5 responses to “Sidewalk Gallery

  1. small soldier

    them youths got talent i love them all

  2. OMG the children in Antigua are doing a wonderful job. The art work is sooooo gorgeous. Excellent!

    • I am always astounded, not only by the work, but by the fact that they willingly toil over their creations from 9 in the morning til about 3 in the afternoon, without complaint. Teens! Obviously they love the challenge of this competition.

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