The organizers of the Wadadli Youth Pen Prize know that before you can write your own stories, you have to be able to read. As such, they’re joining forces with the Future for a Child [FFAC] programme to promote a book drive. Between now and March 28th, people are being invited to contribute children’s books, all of which will be turned over to the Future folks at the Wadadli Pen 2012 Challenge prize giving ceremony later that month at the Best of Books. The books can be used or new and should be left at the Best of Books. They should be appropriate for children between the ages of four and 12, primarily picture books and early reader books, in good condition.

FFAC is a programme designed to promote literacy in the Villa and Greenbay Primary School to place books in the hands of the children, many of whom, the programme founders said, “have never actually owned a book of any sort … (nor) had the opportunity to quietly experience a book and all its possibilities in any other way than at school in a classroom environment (shared with 30 to 50 other students).”

Under the programme, each child will receive a small number of books to own, books that they’ll be able to read at their leisure and subsequently share with others in the programme, exposing the entire group to as many books as possible.

Wadadli Pen coordinator Joanne C. Hillhouse visited Villa Primary, one of the beneficiary schools, during the Challenge promotion and was impressed with both the spirit of the students and the work done by Peace Corps volunteer Ina Howe  and the school community in establishing a school library. Subsequently learning of the Future programme, she and the rest of the Wadadli Pen team set about helping to spread the word and quickly decided to organize the book drive in support of said programme. The Best of Books, a Wadadli Pen partner, will collect and store the contributions. When dropping off your books, or perhaps purchasing a book in store to give to the programme, be sure to indicate that they’re for the Wadadli Pen book drive for the FFAC programme.

You can also support the programme by visiting, liking, and sharing the FFAC page on Facebook. To contact FFAC for further information call 725-7622 or 732-1008; to contact Wadadli Pen email wadadlipen@yahoo.com

Quick update on the Wadadli Youth Pen Prize 2012 Challenge which recently wrapped: The entries, 55 overall, have now been passed on to the judges. The 18 to 35 age category had the most entries, roughly half, with the remainder almost evenly split between the 12 and under and 13 to 17. There was an increase in the number of entries from writers under 12, and organizers can report that the school with the most submissions, which will receive a prize, is a primary school. Which one – along with all other winners – will be revealed at the March prize giving ceremony. The organizers wish, once again, to thank all the sponsors, all listed at https://wadadlipen.wordpress.com


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