Room at the Table

This  article (No Room At The Table? Making inclusion a reality for black British writers) caught my eye, in part, I think, because I related to it as a Caribbean writing trying to cotch a spot in the larger world of international publishing, or, for that matter a “small island” writer in the more specific context of the Caribbean.

Which reminds me, I wanted to share this (announcement re the Caribbean Literary Action Group) as well; good move, especially in light of the imminent closure of the Caribbean Literary Salon. But ideally, and I may write to them on this, I would have liked to see Antigua and Barbuda and other unnamed Caribbean countries with a spot at this table (i.e. the inaugural meeting of what could be a very pivotal group in the evolution of the literary arts in, especially, the English speaking Caribbean). There is activity within our individual spheres that ought to inform the process and provide the foundation on which we can build. Just saying. I’m thinking the founder of CLS should be a part of this discussion as well.

Still, I look forward to seeing what action comes of it; it is in theory a step in the right direction.


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