The Results are in…

…but you’ll have to wait ’til March 31st, when the awards ceremony will be held 6:30 p.m. at the Best of Books (#1 Village Walk Mall, Friars Hill Road, Antigua), for the details. If you have a love for the literary arts you’re invited to come on out as we celebrate all of the short listed writers and especially the ultimate finalists.

While I can’t share the names of the winners with you, I will share some of the judges’ comments.

One remarked:

“This has been one of the best crop of competition stories/poems I have read for ages…nice ideas, stories that flow.”


“I saw a lot of promise and that makes me excited for the future…Antigua has a lot of undiscovered writers …I really enjoyed reading the majority of these stories and wanted to read more from some of the writers.”

That’s excellent news.

There was a good mix of first timers and Wadadli Pen regulars (pretty evenly distributed across the age categories) this year, one of our better years in terms of volume of submissions, and in that there’s also lots of promise.

I wanted to share a few links as a way of saying thanks. The Wadadli Youth Pen Prize page on goes all the way back almost to the beginning. This year, offered to host us as well and did a lovely job of it I’d say. And a sponsor for the second straight year ABI Insurance has proven to be the kind of corporate citizen you want at your back; giving generously, showing genuine interest, and doing what they can to help spread the word – here’s a link to the article they requested and which has since been posted to their site.

Winning stories will be posted here sometime after the awards ceremony. ‘Til then, we’ve got a lot of work to do.


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  1. now THIS was a tease!!!!!!! LOL .. looking forward to seeing the results

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