A day Late … but … hey, here’s toward making every day Women’s Day

I received this message from Women of Antigua in my inbox and wanted to share it (couldn’t do so yesterday as I was scudding to attend the Gender Affairs women’s conference in celebration and reflection of International Women’s Day). A day late but let’s keep the message alive:

Five years ago in January 2008, we formed Women Of Antigua (WOA) as a response to the serial rapist(s) that was terrorizing Antiguan communities, specifically the safety of women. We began our association because we wanted to lend our support and assistance, however we could, as we advocated to END VIOLENCE against women and children. Today we celebrate International Women’s Day 2012 with the rest of the world, and we want to encourage each of you to do whatever you can to end women’s stories of violence.
Activism should be embraced by everyone. We can all find ways to assist those that need it most, because there so much to do. This year’s IWD theme is ‘Connecting girls, inspiring futures’, it is important for us as the adults to take ownership of our role in ensuring a safe environment for our girls.
Celebrate today with the women in your lives.
Embrace the young girls that you come in contact with, let them know you are there for them as they travel through the difficult stages of maturity.
The lives of our girls are our own. We MUST protect them.
To sustain life, we must sustain women.
Check out the events and campaigns happening around the world today at
Spread the word, “We can all do something to help.”

This is a message from:
Women Of Antigua (WOA)
PO Box 1145
St. John’s
tel: 268-779-6634, 268-723-6934, 268-772-7913 or 268-780-7754
Executive members:
Greschen Edwards, Zahra Airall
Linisa George, Thomasine Greenaway-Whyte


Me, performing in Women of Antigua's Vagina Monologues in 2008.


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