Let’s dance! by Jordée Josiah

I want to dance along with my island

Every day we both awake to a sun that tells us our history

A sun that shined its rays on the backs of our ancestors

A sense of hope they found as they tilled the land

I want to dance to the beat of drums

That’s in perfect harmony with the hearts of my people

Not to be moved by the spirit or the rum

But the joy that comes from way beyond

What is the meaning of the dance you may ask?

Did you already forget your past?

An isle first inhabited by the Siboney

Later raped through slavery

Ancestors sang to cane as long as the sun shined

Their backs fully aware of the passing time

We came along way and we should celebrate!

No more hatred towards masters we hate

But now on to democracy

To live our dreams and fulfill fantasies

My isle dances, it is no longer oppressed

Yet the people with jealousy and ungratefulness are obsessed

We miss the beauty and value of our day

And forget that, Freedom!  Freedom! It is here to stay

No longer is ‘choice’ a dream

It has become a reality

One we fail to see

We take for granted the little things

That our ancestors worked so hard to bring

So come on, let’s dance

Allow our bodies to go into a trance

Let’s dance because we know who we are

Dance because we’re never too far

From the truth that sets us free

That allows us to be who we want to be

My isle dances because it knows its past

Not relinquishing the value of lessons learned

But dancing with pride fully earned

So let’s join along in dance!

AUTHOR BIO: Jordée Josiah is 17 years old and loves to dance. Her entry, Let’s Dance was inspired by her University College Christian Fellowship dance group. She said, “as dancers, we have to ask ourselves, why dance? Why do we choose dance as a means of expressing ourselves and what are we dancing for?” Well, with Let’s Dance, she danced her way to a third place finish in the 13 to 17 age category of the 2012 Wadadli Pen Challenge. It was, the chief judge said, “a creative approach to the topic”. Interestingly, while English is her strong point, Mathematics is Josiah’s favourite subject and she looks forward to pursuing a career in the field of science and mathematics.

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