Smitten by Rosalie A. Richards

Another year, another love.

Oh wait, nevermind. It’s just you again.

Fallen for you again, Summer.

You charm me with your wide, t o o t h y grin,

promise me warm days, fat white clouds,

sand between_my_toes.

Cast a Lazy Spell over my world,

Harry Summer,

giving everything around us some sepia-tone lovin’.

You were always generous like that.

I float in your foamy waves,

drifting tall in those delicate bubbles

of higher thought.

Happily suffocated by your smell,

suntan lotion and salt\sweat

and sweet free air

The taste of you, mmm, ice-cream, chlorine and

skin of all colors. Heat

in my belly, that drunken burn,

bitter adrenaline speeding


through my veins like highway traffic

zoom zoom, watch out.

Then you leave me.

Quite suddenly, unexpectedly. Leave me,

your heat lingering,

but your scent


your magic spell wearing off.

I cling to what we had, desperate for your love,

but you pay me no mind. You

dance out of my grasping reach,

flitter away

as if you were not here, ever,

no, sorry, but

I don’t know who you’re talking about.

I’ll remember you on the day

I find sticky melted sweets

in the pockets of my alldayeveryday shorts

Melding my fingers together like our days together

Rainbow of tangy memories stuck in unidentifiable clumps to shreddin’ denim

Tiny threads of self torn

away left


Never even realize what I’ve forgotten til I remember.

Then I’ll sit and wait for you

to sweep me away on your carpet again,

no clouds over sea, me head over heels

You’ll take me to that long summer day, to that night that never lasts forever.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Rosalie A. Richards is 18 years old. The last time she entered Wadadli Pen she was 12, and she was a winner then too placing third overall in 2006 with The Creation. That entry proposed an alternative creation narrative; Smitten, by contrast, is a poem of teenagers and love; inspired, Rosalie said, by a lazy day by the pool keeping company with the Caribbean sun. The chief judge credited in particular it’s use of imagery. At this writing, Rosalie is a Humanities and Fine Arts Student at the Antigua State College. She is also the overall winner of Wadadli Pen 2012 in addition to tying for first place in the 18 to 35 age category and winning the prize for the best entry in the ‘Liberate Love’ sub-category. Rosalie’s most recent mention on this website was as an exhibitor in Studio One, demonstrating as well a talent for the visual arts. Swimming is her other passion. Alongside swimming and photography, she indulgently partakes in reading, writing, and the occasionally alarming vivid day-dream.

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