The Caribbean Flavour by Karenna Nicholson

The Caribbean flavor

Oh how ee sweet

From the beat of the music

To the food that we eat.

It all started not so long ago

Don’t the people always tell you so?

Well, just in case they never did

That must be something they really hid.

Cane fields growing slaves working hard

At the end of de day dey backs well scarred,

I wonder how deh felt in de olden days

No games, hard work, no time fuh praise.

As dey dus say gone are the days

We change up now, we pass that phase

It’s cricket, calypso, warri and pan

Fuh boy, girl, woman and man

Is pepper pot, fungi and season rice

Is sorrel and ginger beer they really nice

It’s roti, fish soup the things that we savour

That really makes up this Caribbean Flavour

AUTHOR BIO: Top writer, in the 12 and younger category, Karenna Nicholson, 11, is a Grade Six student at Wesleyan Junior Academy. Her entry was also named best in the Origins sub-category. “The writer captures all that makes Antigua and Barbuda what it is today,” the chief judge said.

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