More (Unnecessary) Wadadli Pen Trivia

I was curious to see which of the winning Wadadli Pen stories were proving to be most popular among visitors to the site. Thankfully, Wadadli Pen spits up info like that routinely. So, here they are, the Wadadli Pen Top 10:

The Legend of Banana Boy by Chatrisse Beazer (2011)

Road Trip to Paradise by Angelica (Ayoka) O’Donoghue (2006)

Sands and Butterflies by Devra Thomas (2011)

The Scary Night by Zuri Holder (2011)

Ma Belle by Kemal Osmel Nicholson (2006)

The Lost Coin by Orique Gordon (2011)

The Curse of the Kumina by Shakeema Edwards (2011)

Stray Dog Prepares for the Storm by Gemma George (2004)

Skin Deep by Shakeema Edwards (2010)

The Village Obeah Woman by Verdanci Benta (2006)


So, that’s the top 10 based on views and clearly 2011 is a popular year. Some years, like 2005, don’t even come close to the top 10… no indication, I assure you, of the quality of the stories. So check ‘em out. And it’s early days yet for 2012, but the winning story Smitten is gaining ground fast, only two spots away from the top 10 of most viewed winning Wadadli Pen stories.

And there you have it, your days’ installment of unnecessary Wadadli Pen trivia. As you were.

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