Women Moan

Statements lifted from the When a Woman Moans Facebook page:

The 5th year commemorative tickets for the productions are now available at Flo’s Perfumery, Pink Mongoose and both branches of Best Of Books (St. Mary’s Street and Villagewalk on Friar’s Hill Road).

One night is $40; buy a ticket for both nights it’s $70. Remember, buying a ticket (s) is like making a donation to the charities we donate to (Amazing Grace Foundation and Cottage of Hope); and choosing to SIT in the audience is making the statement – “I will not STAND for violence”. The Vagina Monologues -26th May, 2012; When A Woman Moans – 27th May, 2012!

WOA has produced the Vagina Monologues and When a Woman Moans for 5 years collectively. Over these past years the group has conveyed an array of messages which they hope were absorbed by the audience members and cast. Campaign Moan is a way for the cast and fans of the show to contribute by sharing their thoughts, feelings and revelations. This takes the show into an interactive rea…lm where everyone feels like they have made a contribution to passing on the message.

Campaign Moan asks the simple question; Why do women moan? We ask you the fans of the show and those that stand in solidarity to end ALL violence against women and children, to respond by photographing your personal statements. Your photos will be uploaded to our Facebook group and also displayed on the night of When A Woman Moans (Sunday 27th May), and used as part of our ongoing campaign to raise awareness by stimulating conversations that will end the silence and celebrate the many facets of women and the men that support them. Campaign Moan is the beginning of the interactive portion of WOA’s activism, moving it from stage to audience, and is open to both men and women. Photographs can be emailed to campaignmoan.anu@gmail.com.

Oh and don’t forget to check out WOA TV for all the behind the scenes action.

POST: I’ve been a part of this production (as a writer and actress), well, actually the Vagina Monologues back in 2008, from the very beginning; it was for us collectively a fun exercise but also an opportunity to take action against a spate of rapes and other forms of sexual violence. It remains one of the best examples of a group of women collectively standing up and standing out.


And I’m happy to be associated with it. See you there.

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