Read Something

Reading informs

Reading unlocks the imagination

Reading builds vocabulary

Reading builds critical thinking skills

Reading transports you to other worlds

Reading gives insight to human nature

Reading is one of the best ways to learn about writing

Reading is its own reward

Reading provides teachable moments vis-a-vis social and personal issues

Reading is fun

This message brought to you by Wadadli Pen, big fans of reading as well as writing. Begin by reading with your kids, have reading time in school, buy books as presents, join the library with your kids, let your kids see you reading, discuss what you read with your kids, watch movies about books you’ve read and explore the differences with your kids, encourage your kid to read. In order to read and interpret material related to other subjects and to simply navigate life, you need to know how to read. So, read.

This post, inspired by this picture of young people reading at the National Reading Festival:


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